Best self-guided tours in Slovenia

Set out on a voyage of self-discovery as we explore the best self-guided tours Slovenia has to offer. Each path encourages riders to explore the splendour of this amazing country at their own leisure.

In this blog, we will introduce you to the following self-guided tours in Slovenia:

  • The Parancana Bike Trail  – winds through scenic shoreline.
  • The Drava Bike Trail – follows the majestic flow of the river.
  • The Alpe Adria Trail – connects varied landscapes
  • The Hidden Hills Trail – reveals the mysteries of the Škofja Loka region

We will analyse the advantages and sometimes obstacles of these various self-guided routes. Assisting you in selecting the ideal journey based on your tastes and riding enthusiasm. Prepare to ride through the best of Slovenia.

best self-guided tours in Slovenia

Parancana bike trail

From 1902 to 1935, the old narrow-gauge railway line known as Porečanka connected Trieste with Porec. Despite its brief 33-year existence, it had a significant economic and cultural impact on the region. The Parenzana restoration project called: “Parenzana – the Route of Health and Friendship,” revived the railway and transformed it into a popular 120 km cycling track. The entire railway became a trekking bike haven with gravel roads, breathtaking vistas, and historical parts during the next decade and two subsequent initiatives. The route runs across Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, providing an accessible yet fascinating experience appropriate for a one-day adventure or a longer 2-5-day journey that allows you to savour the sights, emotions, and history along the way.

best self-guided tours in Slovenia

Drava bike trail

The Drava cycling route crosses four countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia) and is approximately 710 kilometres long. The path starts directly next to the Drava’s source in Toblach Field (Toblach) in Italy. It then travels through Austria, Slovenia, and lastly Croatia.

The Slovenian part (145km) of the Drava bike route follows less-travelled local roads, except for a few designated bike lanes. Due to the diverse road conditions and the tough climb from Podvelka to Lovrenc na Pohorju, it is recommended for well-prepared riders. Particularly those riding trekking or mountain bikes. The road begins at the Vi border crossing and continues via attractive villages such as Dravograd, Vuzenica, and Lovrenc. The journey continues through Fala, passing over Drava’s oldest hydroelectric power station, and proceeds to Maribor via Rue, Bistrica ob Dravi, and Maribor Island. Bicyclists approaching Ptuj have two options: one through Miklav na Dravskem Polju and another on the left bank with small rises. The last stretch includes the lovely city of Varaždin, Lake Dubrava, and the confluence of the Mura and Drava rivers near Legrad, Croatia.

best self-guided tours in Slovenia

(Drava passing Ptuj, the oldest medieval town)

Alpe Adria bike trail

The Alpe Adria mountain bike trip offers excellent riding through Slovenia. In just seven days, you will pedal from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic coast. Undiscovered paths, dynamic terrain, and hospitable inhabitants combine to provide an unforgettable MTB Slovenia experience. How amazing would it be to ride a bike from the highlands to the Mediterranean?
A tiny Alpine village directly across the Austrian border, called Arnoldstein, is the starting point of this cycling adventure. A thrilling descent to Kranjska Gora, a winter resort popular with ski contests, rewards an uphill ride to Mt. Peč. Via the Vršič mountain pass, you’ll encounter another mountain riding challenge just before you get at the Soča River, one of Europe’s most breathtaking rivers. Once the Soča Valley is left behind, the trail heads towards the Goriška Brda region. Renowned for its premium wine. The final leg of your Slovenia cycling vacation offers fantastic biking through a secluded karst region before you descend to the charming seaside town of Piran.

There are various levels of difficulty for this bike tour. It suits every taste thanks to its many versions, regardless of whether you enjoy peaceful gravel routes or trails.

best self-guided tours in Slovenia

Hidden Hills Trail (HHT)

The Hidden Hills Trail is a long-distance (240km) e-bike track in Slovenia that connects four towns in the Škofja Loka region. Travelling from the city to the scenic valleys of the Škofja Loka area takes only 20 minutes. Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, and the famous Lake Bohinj are separated by these hills full of natural beauty and history. The hills are connected by meandering roads, pathways, and single tracks, which are free of traffic and crowds.

You can time travel to a different era and interact with hospitable residents while riding through the historic villages. You will see Škofja Loka, which has an extraordinarily well-preserved mediaeval old town; Železniki, the burg of blacksmiths; Žiri, the centre of shoemaking; Gorenja vas, the hub of cheese-making; and several hidden locations with amazing vistas, intriguing history, and fantastic tales. The rivers, the hills, and the less travelled routes. Everything is in one place.

The most popular Hidden Hills Trail is Ljubljana to Bled!

The HHT level is rated as easy, medium, or hard based on the height and distance that must be covered. With minimal technical demands. There are no extremely hazardous or challenging sections of the trail highlighted. All you need is the ability to ride a bike on gravel roads and a small amount of caution. In a few places, the track climbs up to 1,500 metres above sea level. Therefore, a certain level of physical fitness is needed for the ride. It should take you up to 6 hours to complete stages that are 40 km long and involve an elevation gain of about 1000 metres. The trail can be challenging on a regular bike because it is primarily intended for e-bikes and gravel bikes. We highly advise you to ride a well-maintained bike free from mechanical problems. Also, children above 12 can participate throughout the proper season and phases. The team behind it take pleasure in providing a variety of services that will make your journey easier, safer, and more pleasurable.

best self-guided tours in Slovenia

(One of the stages of HHT – Škofja Loka surrounding hills)

Self-guided tours in Slovenia

With our selection of self-guided tours in Slovenia, you can set out on an exciting voyage of self-discovery through Slovenia’s stunning scenery and fascinating cultural attractions. Every route provides a different adventure, whether you choose to bike along the picturesque Parancana Bike Trail, explore the varied Drava Bike Trail, climb the hilly Alpe Adria Bike Trail, or find the hidden gems along the Hidden Hills Trail. After diving into the benefits and sometimes difficulties of various paths, we hope that our guide helps you choose the ideal trip that suits your tastes. Prepare to ride your bike across the most beautiful parts of Slovenia, enjoying the exhilaration and independence that self-guided tours bring.

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