Bike Holidays in Slovenia

We offer two, ready to book, bike holidays in Slovenia, which cover two different areas of Slovenia. Slovenian Alps bike tour covers the Alpine region of Slovenia, while Trans Slovenia ebike tour covers the Karst with seas side region of Slovenia.

Bike holidays in Slovenia - Trans Slovenian bike tour

Trans Slovenia E-bike Tour

Trans Slovenia e-bike tour shows remarkable diversity seen through the eyes of a 7-day cycling trip. The cycling story with a fusion of natural and cultural features is wrapped up with culinary experiences that give each province its appeal.

Duration: 7 days

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 4

Bike holidays in Slovenia - view on the Alps

Slovenian Alps E-bike Tour

The Slovenian Alps e-bike tour is a 4-day bike tour that will take you along the slopes of the Kamnik-Savinja and Julian Alps, offering exceptional views of the highest peaks.

Duration: 4 days

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 5

Ljubljana to Bled bike tour

Ljubljana to Bled Bike Tour

The Ljubljana to Bled bike tour is a long-distance bike trail in Slovenia that connects Ljubljana with two mesmerizing alpine lakes: Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled.

Duration: 5 days

Tour type: Self-guided tour

Difficulty: Level 5

hike and bike slovenia

Hike and bike Slovenia

Do you wish to explore Slovenia on two wheels and by foot, but don’t know how to organise your holidays? We have a solution! Experience Hike and Bike Slovenia in 7 active days, through Skofja Loka and Bohinj/Bled region.

Duration: 7 days

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 4

Bike holidays in Slovenia - custom made tour

However, there is also an option for a custom-made bike holidays in Slovenia, created according to your wishes.