Explore Slovenia by Bike

2019-11-11T11:23:35+00:009. July, 2019|

Do you often get stuck when deciding where to travel? What to see while being there? Which transportation to use to explore the new place? Well, let us show you how we explore Slovenia [...]

Benefits of a cycling team building

2019-11-11T12:10:30+00:0011. February, 2019|

Team building is a time spend together with your colleagues outside your work space. That can be anything from picnic, cycling, visiting an adrenaline park, attend creative workshop, playing thinking games, active problem solving…etc. [...]

Top 10 Traditional Slovenian foods

2020-01-31T13:18:47+00:0010. February, 2019|

There is a saying "love goes through the stomach"and the traditional Slovenian food can confirm just that. :) As a small country, Slovenia has a lot of traditional foods, that differ greatly from one [...]

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