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Team building is a time spend together with your colleagues outside your work space. That can be anything from picnic, cycling, visiting an adrenaline park, attend creative workshop, playing thinking games, active problem solving…etc. Basically, any situation where you separate the employees from the workspace of the company.

Don’t understand this the wrong way, but with good organisation, this kind of employee activities can have many benefits. They just need to be aware of them, correctly formulate them within the team building, and get the most out of such activities. This is also why we became passionate to organise e-bike team buildings in Slovenia.

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Below we offer you the benefits of cycling team building.

Cycling team building

1) Improve relationships

By mixing up different employees within the company, you improve their relationships and understandings, as well as increase the feeling of belonging within the company.

Team building in Kras

2) Active Employees

Perhaps, right through the cycling activity you may discover an active colleague who you can get involved into more dynamic projects. On the other hand, you may introduce a new hobby to an employee who has never tried or has been afraid to try e-bike (or e-MTB) before.

team building in Kras

3) Taking an initiative

By being outdoors, surrounded by the nature, your mind is clearer to think and solve problems. This is also where employees may become more comfortable to engage with other colleagues, and take initiative with new things.

team building in Kras

4) Try new things 

For some cycling might be a new challenge of its own. Due to a busy work schedule many employees, especially those working long hours at the desk, don’t have time to exercise after work. Thus, cycling may just be the right thing to get them moving again and clear their mind for new ideas.

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team building in Kras

5) Discover new places and cuisine

Slovenia may be small, but it has so much to give and see. Even us, Slovenians, struggle to visit all the beauty it has to offer. Thus, through the cycling team building the employees will get to expand their horizon by seeing new places and trying new cuisine. It will help them understand how people live and work from different regions.

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In Conclusion

In selecting the right team building activity, it is important for the director to have a meeting with the human resources (HR) staff and head of the department. They must think about the goals of the team building and try to direct them to the benefit of the company.

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