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Hello and welcome to Explore Slovenia by Bike, an exciting new travel experience!

Are you considering taking up cycling as a new hobby or are you already familiar with it? Are you searching for an excursion that combines the excitement of exploration with breathtaking landscapes as well? Slovenia is the place to look. Slovenian cycling is a hidden treasure that many people have not yet found.

With years of experience as a sports travel agency, we created perfect bike holiday packages in Slovenia. From our longest Holiday package, the Trans Slovenian ebike Tour to a shorter version called the Slovenian Alps ebike Tour. As well as, a self-guided tour for those who wish to do it more solo – Ljubljana to Bled bike Tour. 

Let us show you what we mean by exploring Slovenia by bikeClick play below 🙂

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The locations we explored by bike from the video

1. Škofja Loka and its surroundings

Škofja Loka and the surrounding hills are the right place to be if you plan on making unforgettable memories. Its remarkable cultural heritage takes us back to medieval times while colourful buildings tell numerous tales. The surrounding hills open up panorama views you could never imagine, while the town itself holds wonderful hidden spots, old customs, kind-hearted people, and culinary adventures. Škofja Loka surely is a town you shouldn’t miss when exploring Slovenia by bike.

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Explore Slovenia by bike visit Škofja Loka

2. Soča Valley

Posočje and the towns surrounding Tolmin are known as the most magical parts of Slovenia. We had the privilege to explore this part of Slovenia by bike ourselves and create an amazing tour that has it all. The beautiful turquoise Soča river, delicious local cheese, World War 1 bunkers, and the hidden waterfalls of Tolmin will take your breath away. Soča Valley should be on your list.

More info: Bike tour Soča valley and Tolmika river

Explore Slovenia by bike - Soča river

3. Pokljuka

Pokljuka is a plateau covered in the magnificent spruce forest and is located in the middle of Triglav National Park. It contains breathtaking views of the Julian Alps on one side and of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj on the other. Imposing forests hide thousands of stories in their midst and are a true cycling heaven high in the mountains. When exploring Slovenia by bike this little fairytale village is calling out to you.

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Pasture Zajamniki in the sunset light

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