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Have you been in a situation where you decided to spend active holidays in a new country and you ended up getting lost or didn’t find a place you wanted to see or your bike broke down? Or maybe you realised that a self-guided tour just isn’t right for you, and you wish to explore a new country care-free?

That is why we decided to share 5 benefits of active holidays in Slovenia with a local bike guide.

1. Local sightseeing

Let’s say you wish to actively explore Slovenia away from all the crowded tourist places, but don’t really know your way around or don’t have the time to do the research of all the bike paths, places to see, places to stay or eat. Well, this is where our local bike guide comes to the rescue.

Sometimes we joke, that a local bike guide knows every tree and every spring in its local area, but with a joke aside, this means they can show you places you never knew even existed. Slovenia has such places. Places that take your breath away (Bike tour Bled: Pokljuka), and are far enough to enjoy the serenity of nature (Bike tour Velika Planina), and yet still be able to visit a nearby town or city (Bike tour Škofja Loka).

beautiful view of Zajamniki - Pokljuka in Slovenia

2. Local culinary

So, it’s your first time in Slovenia and you wish to taste our local dishes and drink our local drinks while enjoying your bike holidays. But you just can’t decide what to see first – wine cellar, beer brewery, homemade schnapps…and you might ask yourself, which would be best to visit or do a tasting of.

We have good news for you! With the help of our Greenhills local bike guide, you can taste all and much more. We offer a wonderful wine cycling tour where you can taste the famous Teran and prosciutto, or a tour of a beautiful medieval Škofja Loka where you can taste different beers, schnapps or homemade sausage (in Poljanska Valley). All you have to do is write down your culinary wish list and we will custom make the bike tour so you will experience it all, without having to lift a finger. On top of that, we must warn you, that Slovenian local culinary isn’t as easily accessible as people think. However, our local bike guide has the right bond with the locals and can, therefore, open the door to true Slovenian culinary.

delicious Slovenian Štruklji

3. Local tips

I bet you always wish you had some local tips when visiting a new place. Luckily, you’re at the right place. Our local bike guide is always more than happy to share its local tips with you. Whether it’s about sightseeing, culinary, shops, accommodation, bike paths…etc. They try their best to help you get around and enjoy your active holidays in a place they cherish the most (i.e. their home).

blacksmith work and shop in Slovenia

4. Local people

What can be a better way to get to know a certain place than through the eyes of a local. Slovenian locals are very friendly, warm-hearted and welcoming. They enjoy sharing their stories with visitors who are ready to learn something new about their place of origin. So, if you wish to share great stories with your friends and family, keep in mind Ibn Battuta saying, “travelling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller”.

local bike guide

5. Overall experience with a local bike guide

In relation to the above, we can conclude, that with the right knowledge and experience a local bike guide can guarantee you unforgettable holidays in Slovenia.

Our passionate local bike guides put all their time and heart making sure that you experience Slovenia as a true local – from exploring the unspoiled Slovenian land, tasting delicious local culinary, gathering useful local tips, all the way to sharing of their local Slovenian stories. If you are still not a 100% convinced about our local bike guides or our tours, we would like to share with you the experiences of our previous guests HERE.

If you wish to actively experience holidays in Slovenia with our best local bike guides contact us for more information on info@greenhills.si or give us a call on 0038641660101.

local bike guide

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