FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia with Greenhills

Interested in discovering Slovenia’s gorgeous landscapes on two wheels? Prepare to get an inside look at Greenhills Slovenia as we address all of your burning questions regarding our cycling tours. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a first-time rider, our FAQ guide will help you find the unique experiences, cultural treasures, and exhilarating adventures that await you. Join us as we deconstruct the experience, from the optimal time to ride through the seasons to the complexities of bike rentals and the culinary delights that flavor our tours. Join us on a virtual journey as we reveal the charm of bicycle excursions in Slovenia, ensuring that every question is answered satisfactorily.

When to visit Slovenia

Each season is special for cycling in Slovenia. Spring offers that freshness after the winter hibernation. Summer gives you a hot and refreshing adventure. While autumn charms you with the magical orange/red colors of the forests. More about seasons read here: When to book cycling holidays in Slovenia?

What to pack?

Most importantly, you should wear comfortable sports clothes and cycling/hiking shoes. Please bring a bottle of water and sun protection in the summer months. We provide all the cycling gear (bikes, helmets, first aid, …). Any additional gear or clothes can be stored in a van. For more info on what to pack, read our blog post HERE.

Tour difficulty level

We offer from beginner-friendly to more challenging routes. We use electric bikes on our tours to turn even the most difficult trips into enjoyable journeys for those with less stamina or technical skills. Plus, we adjust every tour to your skills and abilities.

Bike rental

We offer rental of the newest Rock Machine eBikes and Scott Bikes.

You can view our prices and the details of both bikes HERE.


We prioritize accommodations that promote traditional local food and provide a tranquil environment. While sticking to this commitment, we also consider our guests’ interests, ensuring that we adapt the experience by carefully selecting accommodations that best suit each individual or group. More about our partners you can find HERE.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Culinary experience

Breakfast is included in the accommodation, while lunch and dinner are optional. Slovenia has many local restaurants with true local cuisine, making them ideal options for lunch or dinner. This way you can try something new each day. For bigger groups, we can reserve the restaurants in advance. More about Slovenian culinary experience with us: HERE.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Who are our guides?

We always provide experienced local guides. Because we know how important personal experience is, we chased all the selected bike routes and hikes ourselves. More about Greenhills team HERE.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Safety measures

We have van support during the tours, especially with bigger groups. All our guides are equipped with a first aid kit and safety knowledge.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Custom-made tours

We are here to listen to your wishes – your dates, interests, intensity, travel companions, accommodations, and budget. We make sure you have a “perfect” custom-made bike tour in our beautiful Slovenia. By request, we try to adjust our tours to your wishes as much as possible.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Size of the group

Since we believe smaller groups mean better experiences, we usually travel in groups of 5 to 10 people. The minimum number of people for an individual group tour is 4. We are also offering private tours.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Can kids join?

Kids are also welcome, as long as they can cycle independently and can ride for at least 20 kilometers. Please notify us about any children joining when you book a tour. That way we can adjust the difficulty of the tour to them.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Bad weather

In case of a bad weather:

  • We try to find the right slot in a day to make a tour
  • Tours can be mixed to follow the suitable forecast
  • A tour can be changed for a different one in a region with a better forecast
  • We organize a hiking tour instead
  • We organise a visit to tourist sights
FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Booking process

You can book through our website, by clicking the tour or holidays of your choice and then a BOOK button. From there, you follow the steps along the right side.

You can pay via the following methods: credit/debit card, PayPal, or invoice.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

Guests’ opinions

We can proudly say that, so far, our guests have had an amazing experience with us. As for us, it’s not just about come-and-go. We highly value personal experience, which means paying attention to each individual on a personal level. With many guests, we still keep in touch across the world and share stories from Slovenia while they share their travels with us.

All the testimonials can be found on TripAdvisor or Google.

FAQ about cycling tours in Slovenia

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