Splošni pogoji poslovanja

Please note that following terms and conditions apply for guided biking tours arranged by Bederfly d.o.o. (organizer) only. All guided tours arranged by Bederfly d.o.o. are regulated by Slovenian legislation. As a package tour organiser Bederfly d.o.o. has provided the necessary guarantees to the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia.

Please note that the terms and conditions are subject to amendments.

1. Tour participation requirements
Our guided tours demand that the participants have the basic physical and psychical strength that are necessary to realize the tour, and therefore our guided tours can only booked by participants who can meet these requirements. Please see Section 11 “The participant’s responsibility” for more details.

2. Price
The tour prices are defined in our Price list that is published on www.greenhills.si. The tour prices includes the services as specified in the tour description on our web site. For some tours optional and additional services are available.
As organiser Bederfly d.o.o. reserves the right to raise or lower the price in case of new/ changes for tax regulations, exchange rate changes, price level changes, misprints, costs due to Force Majeure or other unforeseen reasons. Increases in price are to be notified as soon as possible and at the latest 10 days prior to tour departure date. If the increase in price exceeds 10 % of the tour price, the participant is free to cancel the reservation at no surcharge.

3. Scope of the booking agreement
The booking covers the services agreed between Bederfly d.o.o. as operator, the customer and tour participant and includes:
3.1. The tour description on www.greenhills.si, that is, all information and facts described and linked to in the tour description.
3.2. Any customer and tour participant information issued, such as booking confirmation, invoice with payment information and information to participants from the tour leaders etc.
When carrying through booking, all participants acknowledge to have read and accepted our terms and conditions for tour participation. The booking is binding once booking has been carried through.

4. Payment and invoice payment options
For online booking, the total or part of the amount is to be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or PayPal when booking is carried through. An e-mail confirmation and an e-mail with invoice will be sent to the customer.
In some cases payments for our Tours can be also accepted through our affiliated booking partners (Hotels, Hostels, Turist Offices, etc.). In any case official invoice for our Tour is issued.

Invoice payment option 1:
Payment by credit card or PayPal via our online booking system www.greenhills.si.

Invoice payment option 2:
Payment by credit card via link sent to your e-mail address. Please send an e-mail to info@greenhills.si let us know that you wish to pay by credit card.

Invoice payment option 3:
Payment via Bank Transfer In Euro:

Company data:
Bederfly d.o.o.
Trata 4
4220 Skofja Loka

Bank name and address:
Delavska hranilnica d. d. Ljubljana
Miklosiceva 5,
1000 Ljubljana


IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 3172 947

Please make sure you send the correct amount (if you pay in foreign currency ask your bank about the exchange rate) and indicate what the payment is for by referring to the offer or invoice number.

5. Insurance
Bederfly d.o.o. wish to underline that participation on our guided tours is at the participants own risk. As organiser we do not take the responsibility for any economic consequences related to accidents/injuries that occur during the realisation of the guided tour. Participants from abroad are advised to take out a combined travel and accident insurance in their home countries, as such insurance is not included in booking. It is also likely that such insurance also includes cancellation insurance.

6. Making changes to the booking
When changes to a booking are made more than 10 days before the tour departure date an administration fee of 10 eur applies. Changes to a booking that are to be carried through when it is 10 days or less to the tour departure date, is regarded as a cancellation and registration of a new booking (please see Section 7 for details).
In consultation with Bederfly d.o.o. a fully paid booking can be transferred to a different person at an administration fee of 10 eur,- per participant, if this participant meets the requirements for tour participation. A transfer of tour participant can only take place as long as this is not in conflict with other rules and regulations that the organiser has to take into consideration.

7. Cancellation
Please notify Bederfly d.o.o. as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking. Following rules apply in the case of Cancellation:
• More than 10 days before tour departure date: An administration fee of 10 eur,- applies. Paid amount will be refunded less the administration fee or an invoice will be sent to the customer.
• 10 – 4 days before tour departure date: 50 % of the tour price applies. Paid amounts will be refunded less 50% of the tour price, or the customer will receive an invoice equivalent 50% of the tour price.
• 3 – 0 days before tour departure date or no show: the full tour price amount applies. No refund or the customer will be sent an invoice equivalent of the full tour price amount.

8. To quit and leave during the guided tour
If the participant for any reason has quit and leave the group during the course of the guided tour, Bederfly d.o.o. is not responsible for any extra costs that this may lead to for the participant. The participant cannot claim any refund of the tour price and will be advised to consult her/his travel or accident insurance arrangements. See also Section 13 Complaints.

9. Tour cancellation
Bederfly d.o.o. may cancel a tour in case of force majeure, weather conditions, lack of tour leaders, not sufficient number of participants or other unforeseen reasons beyond the organiser’s control. If possible, the organiser will do his best notify the participants
– at the latest 14 days before tour departure date for tours lasting 5 days or more
-at the latest 2 days before tour departure date for tours lasting 4 days or less.
In the case of tour cancellation due to the reasons described above, the full amount paid will be refunded. Bederfly d.o.o. is not responsible for any other cost that the participant may have related to tour participation.

10. Changes to the tour itinerary
Bederfly d.o.o. will strive to carry through the guided tour as described in the tour description itinerary. Note, however, that the itinerary is subject to changes that may take place due to transportation schedule changes, and changes to opening hours, weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that makes it difficult to carry through the tour as first planned. In such cases, and whenever possible, the participants will be notified of any significant changes before tour departure. Should the participant wish to cancel the booking due to such changes, the full paid amount will be refunded. In cases where changes has to be made during the guided tour, the tour leader should notify the participant’s as soon as possible.

11. The participants’ responsibility
Participants are obliged to read the tour description itinerary carefully and assess whether they are physically and mentally prepared to carry through tour participation without being a liability to themselves or others. This means to read and evaluate all relevant information described in the tour description on www.greenhills.si, including information linked to.
Should a participant be aware that her/his health condition is poor, she/he is obliged to consult a physician.
The participants are obliged to follow the instructions and decisions of the tour leader. Should the participant be inadequately prepared for the tour (physically/mentally or with poor equipment) or otherwise causing difficulties for the tour leader and/or the tour group, the leader has the authority to require that the participant quit the tour. The organiser is not responsible for any extra cost that this may lead to for the participant. In cases of grave violation to the above provisions, the participant can be made liable for any loss or extraordinary expenses affecting the organiser.

12. E-mail address distribution
For some tours it is beneficial for the participants to coordinate transport to the tour meeting point. In order to facilitate an easy and cheap alternative for participants to get to the tour meeting point, the organiser may distribute the participants’ e-mail addresses to other tour participants.

13. Complaints
The tour leader should as soon as possible be notified of a complaint in the course of the tour, enabling that the matter can be settled on the spot. A written statement of the complaint and any requests for refund must be forwarded to Bederfly d.o.o. administrative office as soon as possible and in any case within 4 weeks after the tour is finished.

14. Miscellaneous
Bederfly d.o.o. reserves the right to make alterations to any information published about our guided tours. Tour information is subject to changes related to transportation time schedules, accommodation opening hours, price amendments and printed errors that may have effects for tour participants.

15. Photography
As a participant on a Bederfly d.o.o. guided tour, you may be photographed, either by the tour leader or by other participants. These photographs may be used later in Bederfly d.o.o. printed or online publications. Please tell the tour leader in advance if you prefer not to be photographed.