One-day bike tours in Slovenia

We offer various one day bike tours in Slovenia. All our tours are guided and offer the tasting of local culinary.

One day bike tour in Slovenia - Škofja Loka bike tour

Bike tour Škofja Loka

The town is a starting point for many trips to wonderful hidden spots, old customs, kind-hearted people, and culinary adventures.

Duration: 6 hours

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 4

One day bike tours in Slovenia - Pasture Zajamniki with bikes

Hidden Shepherds Path of Pokljuka

Bike tour Bled takes you to Pokljuka, which is a plateau covered in the magnificent spruce forest and is located in the middle of Triglav National Park.

Duration: 5 hours

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 3

One day bike tour in Slovenia - Bike tour Velika planina

Bike Tour Velika Planina

Velika Planina spreads on the edges of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and is caught between the wonderful valley of Kamniška Bistrica and the Upper Savinja Valley. The shepherds that have been herding here for centuries know how fantastic this mountain haven is, far away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Duration: 6 hours

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 3

One day bike tour in Slovenia - Bike tour Soča Valley

Bike Tour Soca Valley

Bike tour Soča Valley takes you through the most magical part of Slovenia – Posočje and the towns surrounding Tolmin. Its hills are sprinkled with tiny villages and protected by the towering Julian Alps.

Duration: 5 hours

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 3

Cycling through wineyard on Karst

Wine Cycling Tour in Slovenia

The wine cycling tour in Slovenia takes place in the Kras (or Karst) region. Karst is a mysterious small world in itself, caught in the gusts of bora in the winter, blanketed in freshness and flower scents in the spring, caressed by sunlight in the summer, and gleaming in warm colours in the fall.

Duration: 6 hours

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 2

One day bike tour in Slovenia - Bike tour Tržič

Bike Tour Tržič

Bike tour Tržič takes you through one of the most beautiful and scenic cycling routes in the Gorenjska region. They run through the shady forests and open grassy terrain at the foot of the south slope of Košuta, Slovenia’s longest mountain.

Duration: 6 hours

Tour type: Guided tour

Difficulty: Level 5

Mountain bikers watching sunset view

However, there is also an option for a custom-made bike tour, created according to your wishes.

Shuttle transfer duration

Closest tours from Ljubljana: Bike tour Škofja Loka (cca. 30min), Bike tour Velika Planina (cca. 35min), Bike tour Tržič (cca. 30min).

Closest tours from Bled: Bike tour Bled (cca. 20min).

Closest tours from Nova Gorica: Bike tour Soča Valley (cca. 40min), Wine cycling tour in Slovenia (cca. 30min).

Suitable for everyone

Our one-day bike tours in Slovenia are suitable both for those who cycle regularly and those who take a cycling trip occasionally. We use electric bikes on our tours to turn even the most difficult trips into enjoyable journeys for those with less stamina or technical skills. Plus, we adjust every tour to your skills and abilities.

In addition, you can look at our multiday tours – Holidays in Slovenia, if more than one tour appeals to you. The Trans Slovenia e-bike Tour offers an adventure between the vineyards and wine degustations, while the Slovenian Alps e-bike Tour covers primarily the mountain areas of Slovenia. But if you prefer to do self-guided tours, we highly recommend our Ljubljana to Bled bike Tour.