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Project Description

The mystery of Cerknica Lake

How mysterious and beautiful the world is in the vicinity of Cerknica Lake, tells the legend of its creation. The incredible power of nature and the power of love are supposed to create one of the unique Kras phenomena in Slovenia. The intermittent lake exudes its lively life during high water, as at that time it is possible to discover the fairy-tale of the Kras world by rowing on the lake, swimming in it, ice skating on it or cycling around it. Colourful is not only the Cerknica Lake world, but also the people whose everyday stories embellished witches, who are, by the telling, glancing at them from a nearby hill.

English and German speaking guide.

Explore beautiful nature and local food.

Trip duration:  5 h total

Season: April – October

The mystery of Cerknica Lake

Price p.p. from

95 €

Is this trip right for me?

Fitnes level: Level 2

Skill level: Newbie, Beginner

Route data:

Distance: 40 km

Elevation: 700 m

Highest point: 630 m


In addition to relaxing cycling and enjoying unspoiled nature, there are other special moments you can look forward to:

 Cycling through the nature reserve on the edges of the intermittent lake

 Visiting the karstic phenomena of the natural bridges of Rakov Škocjan

 Visiting the homestead where real local food is served

Lake Cerknica

Nice surrounding villages


Itinerary of the tour:

Explore: Map of our route

10.00 am – Pick up location: The tour will start at your accommodation, and will continue to Cerknica, which will be the starting point for the beginning of the cycling part of the way.

11.00 am – Start of the route: We will leave a hustle and bustle of the city roads, as the path will lead us through the village along the edge of Cerknica Lake, and then into the safe shelter of nearby forests. The first stop on the way will be in the regional park Rakov Škocjan, where we will see the amazing act of nature that left behind the magnificent Big and Small Natural Bridge (Veliki in Mali naravni most). In the shade of inland forests, the path will continue along the edge of lake Cerknica where we will catch some beautiful views of the lake. In doing so, we will continue through the village of Otok, which is caught on a small island. The journey will be concluded throughout the search of Kras phenomena, which is surrounding the lake in large numbers.

4.00 pm – Finish line: The cycle tour will be completed at the place where we started, and the day will finish with a visit to the farm, where you can expect a warm welcome and local culinary delights.

7.00 pm – Drop off: Day trip will be completed with a drive back to your accommodation

Tour profile: Distance & Elevation

For years people have marveled at the natural spectacle that takes place on a field near Cerknica. In the rainy season, the field is flooded to create Cerknica Lake, Slovenia’s largest inland body of water. When dryer weather sets in, the lake just as quickly disappears into the limestone depths of the karstic terrain. It took centuries for scientists to describe the precise mechanism behind the intermittent lake, but the people of the area had long since come up with an explanation of their own – in the form of a Slovenian version of Romeo and Juliet.

What is included? 


  • Professional guide.
  • Bike equipment – Electric mountain bike and bike helmet.
  • Exciting 6 hours long bike tour (time from pick up to drop off).
  • A ride from pick up location to the starting point of the trip, and a ride back after the tour is concluded.
  • Full support from our team. In case any technical issues occur, we’ll make sure everything is fixed.
  • Photo memories.

Not included:

  • Upgrade to full suspension mountain bike.
  • Private guide.


  • Lunch at the local restaurant

The mystery of Cerknica Lake

Price p.p. from

95 €

Frequently asked questions:

How many people will be in the group?2018-04-16T20:01:01+00:00

Since we believe smaller groups mean better experiences, we usually travel in groups of five to ten people. The minimal number of people for an individual group tour is four.

We are also offering private tours. For more info please contact us info@greenhills.si.

Who will be guiding us?2018-04-16T19:33:21+00:00

The tours are led by experienced cycling guides who know the tour locations like the back of their hands. They will be there for you with their experience and skills any time you’ll need them. They’ll try to make every tour more exciting with the right stories.

What about food?2019-02-26T13:31:12+00:00

All of our tours are planed with stops, where we can find local culinary specialties.

I’m not a PRO cyclist. Can I join?2018-04-16T19:41:05+00:00

Our cycling tours are suitable both for those who cycle regularly and those who take a cycling trip occasionally. We use electric bikes on our tours to turn even the most difficult trips into an enjoyable journey for those with less stamina or technical skills. Plus, we adjust every tour to your skills and abilities.

What should I bring on a tour?2018-04-20T08:29:05+00:00

Most importantly, you should wear comfortable sports clothes. Please bring bottle of water and sun protection in summer months.

We provide all the cycling gear (bikes, helmets, service first aid, …). Any additional gear or clothes can be stored in a van.

Can we bring kids with us?2018-04-16T19:42:09+00:00

Kids are also welcome, as long as they can cycle independently and can ride for at least 20 kilometers. Please notify us about any children joining when you book a tour. That way we can adjust the difficulty of the tour to them.

What about the bad weather?2018-04-16T19:37:09+00:00

Unfortunately, the weather is not up to us, so even the good plans might be ruined due to bad weather. We’ll make sure the tours happen even in less ideal weather, but we need to put your safety first. In case your tour gets cancelled due to bad weather, we’ll fully reimburse you.

What should I wear?2018-04-16T19:37:53+00:00

Wear comfortable sports clothes. You should also know some of the tours take place in the mountains where temperatures can change rapidly even during the summer. We suggest you bring warm clothes. You should also consider a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather.

Guest requirements:

Guests ages 18 and up can attend. Parents may also bring children. If you bring a guest that’s under 18, it’s your responsibility to make sure the activities they participate in are age-appropriate.

Flexible cancellation policy:

In case the guest cancels the tour order within 24 hours of purchase, full refund is issued. See cancellation policy.

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