Surly you have all heard of Slovenia’s famous Lake Bled, Soča river, Šmarna Gora (above Ljubljana)…etc., but what if we let you in on a little secret. By telling you that these are not the only special views Slovenian mountains have to offer and we would like to introduce you to these 5 amazing views you may have never heard of.

1. Blegoš (1562m)

Bold-headed Blegoš is the highest peak of Škofje Loka hills with one of the most amazing panorama views that Slovenian mountains give.

It is scattered with Rupnik’s bunkers from the Second World War, which served as a defence against Italian attacks. The most popular (easy) route to Blegoš is from Črni Kal (1110m), where you can park your car and continue by foot. You have roughly 45min till you reach the Hut on Blegoš, and another 45min from there to the bare top of Blegoš. And that is where a priceless 360-degree view awaits you.

Slovenian mountains - Blegoš

2.Velika planina (1630m)

The shepherd settlement at Velika Planina is considered one of the few preserved settlements of this size in Europe. It is known by its typical architecture, that sort of represents a symbol of Velika Planina and looks a little bit like a fairy-tale village. From all the Slovenian mountains, this fairy-tale Velika Planina is brought to life in June, when the shepherds return to the cottages with their livestock and can be very generous to offer you some homemade cuisine.

Furthermore, next to hiking, mountain biking is also becoming very popular at Velika Planina. The route that we take when cycling through marvelous Velika Planina starts from a quarry where we park our van and continue on a bike all the way to the shepherd settlements.

3. Košuta-Šija hut (1555m)

Third on our list of Slovenian mountains is beautiful Košuta. At first, when you come through the forest, you see the Scout hut at Šija, and just before you reach it you see the Alpine dairy farm Šija. The Šija hut offers mouth-watering home-made cuisine, that you probably never tasted before. Luckily on our Mountain pastures below Košuta tour you can try their famous buckwheat Šturklji.

When it comes to the view, Košuta is really maginificant. From the Šija hut we can observe Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Stegovnik and Veliki Javornik, the north face of Storžič, Tolsti vrh with Kriška mountain, Ljubljana basin, Škofje Loka hills and Jelovica, a part of the Julian Alps, and Dobrča with Lešansko mountain.

Furthermore, if you are a recreational cyclist and worry about the fitness level required for this tour, no need to panic. Have a quick (easy) read about the positive facts of an e-bike (or e-MTB) – highly recommended 😉

Slovenian mountains

4. Lukovec (376m/Karst region)

Lukovec village is a small clustered village on the north side of the Komen plateau. The village is very popular destination for the hikers and cyclists, because of the beautiful view and unspoiled nature. Although, it counts only 43 residents and lies at 376m altitude, it has to be mentioned under amazing Slovenian mountains. Nonetheless, it offers special views of the surrounding hills and villages.

Slovenian mountains

5. Možic (1602m)

Možic is one of the famous peaks above Soriška mountain, where you can spot a big brown bunker’s dome. This one and many others nearby were build by the Italians during both World Wars. The bunkers have become an interesting part of the mountainous landscape above the Soriška mountain, which additionally diversify the path to the viewing summits. Možic also gained on popularity from a recreational view, as it is also accessible with a mountain bike (MTB).

Slovenian mountains - možic

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