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Cycling with passion

When you do something, do it with passion. This is the first principle of the Greenhills team. We cycle and guide mainly because we immensely enjoy doing it. We enjoy the freedom offered by overcoming the miles, and the happiness that comes with the people that accompany us on that path.

Most beautiful vistas

We seldom know how stories end, but we do know where we want them to begin. It’s where the most beautiful views dwell. Where we come from, we know all the paths, peaks, villages and meadows.

Stories the places tell

When we create stories, we want people to feel the real pulse, and blend in places they visit. We want them to make memories that they will share enthusiastically. That’s why we make sure every tour comes with stories those places tell.

Culinary experience

The places our paths take us to aren’t only rich in diverse landscapes but also in splendid cuisine. We complete every cycling story in one of the local homesteads where the culinary diversity is presented in unique ways.


We want to create stories with everyone, including those who cycle occasionally. Or maybe the season caught you by surprise and you haven’t been able to take enough time to collect your cycling miles.


All cycling tours are tailored to suit the needs and desires of each group. We are additionally motivated by your suggestions and wishes to make the journey even more exciting.

The Greenhills Team

A good idea without the right people is like cycling without a bike. A motivated and experienced team of guides and their accompanying teams are what brings extra energy to our stories.

Family friendly

All our tours can be joined by children who can cycle independently. By choosing a route and dynamics of a tour we try to adapt as much as possible to the needs of individual family members. In addition, we strive to make the tour more exciting with stops and attractions that are especially interesting to children.

Service assistance

Cycling is a dynamic sport that can sometimes surprise us with unpredictable situations. The accompanying team is therefore professionally versed and always well equipped with service first aid. However, if the trouble is too big to handle, the support service team is always nearby.

Slovenia bike agency - culinary experience
Slovenia bike agency - Kranjska sausage
Skofja loka view from the bridge
Slovenia bike agency - Cyclers on the bridge over emerald river
Hidden shepherd pasture Zajamniki
Bikers posing on mountain pasture Sija