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The best way to truly explore Slovenia is on two wheels, especially those who have a battery-powered motor a.k.a. electric bikes (e-bikes). With an e-bike, all the villages and towns become a fun adventure to explore. More people are also starting to realise that e-bikes are not just for people who are less active or experienced on a bicycle. Due to so many different models of an e-bike, they are truly for everyone – from an amateur to a pro. And not just that, they are also for children, which means the whole family can enjoy e-bike holidays in Slovenia together!

E-bikes have revolutionised the world, consequently putting e-bike holidays on everyone’s bucket list!

The benefits of an e-bike

The great benefit of an e-bike is the fact, that it allows you to conquer steeper hills and cover a greater distance. Additionally, it gives you the control to decide how hard you wish your ride to be, due to different power support settings (e.g. eco, terrain, boost…). Best part of an e-bike holidays in Slovenia is that you get to actively enjoy the stunning scenery and delicious Slovenian culinary.

“We enjoyed seeing Slovenia through the eyes of a local. We wouldn’t have been able to explore the Julian Alps by ourselves. The biggest highlight was sharing cheese, sour milk and bread with a shepherd. The e-bikes were terrific.” – Warwick
Slovenian e-bike holidays group on e-bikes on a hill
Slovenian e-bike holidays with local sausage and cheese
Slovenian e-bike holidays above Soča river

Eco-friendly holidays

If you are one of the people who care for our beautiful planet you will highly value this eco-friendly holidays. E-bikes emit less pollution than motorbikes and cars, and the battery (504Wh) can last up to 100km (depending on the size of the battery and the support settings used). In case you do run out of battery, no need to worry. Slovenian people are known to be very friendly and polite, therefore they will surely help you if you need to stop for a recharge.

“This was awesome, I now why people talk about cycling in Slovenia. And e-mountain bikes. For a day trip the e-bike is just awesome. As others said it lets you to enjoy the route to the top and back. And stay sharp in the speedy descent.” – Sippe
Slovenian e-bike holidays at Zajamniki with e-bikes
Slovenian e-bike holidays high up the mountain on an e-bike

(Hidden paths of Slovenia)

Your e-bike holidays in Slovenia

Because we want you to enjoy every part of your e-bike holidays in Slovenian, we suggest you to check out our, ready to book, e-bike tours. Maybe you find a tour that fits your holiday wish list but only needs certain adjustments to suit your wishes. Or you can contact us with your wish-list and we will create a custom-made tour just for you! Which, ever way, we are here to make you fall in love with Slovenia on an e-bike 🙂

“Slovenia is just stunningly beautiful. It is a small country, but what it lacks in area it more than makes up in beauty and sheer density of amazing views, places and trails. The country is just jam-packed with beautiful places, and although I visited mainly because of the Alps, it turns out I’m not just talking nature. Ljubljana is a beautiful city combining modern and old, and Škofja Loka is a really lovely medieval town, both harmoniously settled within an amazing blue and green alpine backdrop. So gorgeous is that blue and green scenery that while pedalling through it a smile just would not come off my face, no matter how steep it was, how long it’s been since we’d started, and not even in fog and rain” –  Milan
Slovenian e-bike holidays bikers on the top of a hill

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